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What We Do

Attraqtiv was formed by the unlikely collision of ideas between a skilled recruiter and experienced IT professional. Neither were satisfied with the status quo of technical recruitment, and both agreed that something should be done. With years of combined experience in recruitment, software development, and hardware support, Attraqtiv was formed, offering a unique training experience tailored to technical recruiters.

Attraqtiv aims to reshape the South African recruitment market, by allowing recruiters to identify quality talent early by means of quality training and innovative vision.


I found it extremely helpful, exciting and applicable to the type of recruitment we do. The booklet is now my IT recruitment bible!


Technical Recruiter

Who We Are

Fabio Cohn

Fabio has a wealth of recruitment experience, having worked in the industry for many years. Fabio started his recruitment career in the UK in 2003 where he worked for a well-known LSE Listed Tech Recruitment firm. At this firm he specialised in Development and went on to consistently be one of their top recruiters. On returning to South Africa he decided to start his own recruitment company, Recruitment Futures (Pty) Ltd. Fabio prides himself in offering his clients a professional and reliable service by putting his experience to use for the benefit of corporate South Africa.

Ross Saunders

Ross started in the call-centre, working his way up through network administration and software development to managing global teams in both software support and development. In addition to being director of technology services for a global software company, Ross also serves as a faculty member of the Da Vinci institute, facilitating BCom ICT Management and Management of Technology modules. He holds a Masters degree in the Management of Technology and Innovation, specialising in the productisation of professional software services.


Thank you very much for the training, I personally enjoyed it very much, found it very insightful and enjoyed it thoroughly!


Team Leader - IT Recruiting

How We Do It

The unique combination of experience in both the recruiting and IT industries have allowed Attraqtiv to formulate niche training material directly catering to technical recruiters. This material follows modern technologies, and is prepared in a way that is easily understandable and mentally engaging.

Using modern training methodologies, we cater for multiple learning styles in our interactive workshops, ensuring that every attendee walks away with a new understanding of the underlying fundamentals of software, hardware, technology skillsets, and recruiting techniques.

Courses We Offer

Development and Technical Recruiting

A course built to strengthen your skills in hiring software developers and technical engineers for software and IT companies. This course covers basic recruitment must-haves, how an IT department fits together, the ins and outs of technical skills (such as helpdesk agents, technicians, network administrators and more), and a comprehensive rundown of the most common development roles and responsibilities out there in the market. Sharpen your skills to push higher volumes and lower rejections.

Custom Training

We can customise a course for your specific IT related requirements. Drop us a line and we’ll assist you in crafting a top-notch custom course for your recruitment team.


Your privacy is important to us, we would never sell or distribute your information. All information provided is held in strictest confidence.

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