Public Courses

Courses Held at Public Venues

At Attraqtiv, we offer courses both in-house (at your premises), as well as courses that are open to the public.

These public courses allow individuals or smaller teams to join the course along with others from similar organisations. We hold these events regularly at venues such as country clubs, shared workspaces, and outside training venues. Seats are limited for these events, contact us today to secure your spot at our next training!

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It has been great, I know how all the parts fit together. The technical knowledge of Ross was excellent and he provided great examples. I enjoyed it very much, thank you!


Senior IT Recruitment Consultant

About Us

What We Do

Attraqtiv was formed by the unlikely collision of ideas between a skilled recruiter and experienced IT professional. Neither were satisfied with the status quo of technical recruitment, and both agreed that something should be done. With years of combined experience in recruitment, software development, and hardware support, Attraqtiv was formed, offering a unique training experience tailored to technical recruiters.

Attraqtiv aims to reshape the South African recruitment market, by allowing recruiters to identify quality talent early by means of quality training and innovative vision.

How We Do It

The unique combination of experience in both the recruiting and IT industries have allowed Attraqtiv to formulate niche training material directly catering to technical recruiters. This material follows modern technologies, and is prepared in a way that is easily understandable and mentally engaging.

Using modern training methodologies, we cater for multiple learning styles in our interactive workshops, ensuring that every attendee walks away with a new understanding of the underlying fundamentals of software, hardware, technology skillsets, and recruiting techniques.

Your privacy is important to us, we would never sell or distribute your information. All information provided is held in strictest confidence.

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